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Granulation of biomass

Tesign and development of technologies for processing biomass (straw, wood chips, waste, etc.) to pellet form.


Compost sale

Sorted composted soil. High content of nutrients. Transport option.

Price 500 CZK/ton.


Granulator TLB-140

Upgraded granulator designed for shaping of biofuels based on straw with a 90 kW motor + hydraulic clamping rollers.


in all types of stoves, fireplaces and boilers designed for burning solid fuels. ø 60 mm. Affordable price of CZK 2.90 per kg

Bedding for Horses

Greatly reduces time to clean up and amount of waste. Costs for box 3x3m are 520 CZK per month. No binders made ​​from pure wheat straw.

Bedding Granofyt

Natural based litter for cats and other pets. Pack of 5 +1 kg Free.

Straw harvesting

Dry straw is an basic element of pellets production. Common errors and their elimination.


They are designed to burn all kinds of combustible pellets. Fully automatic heating system.

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