Granofyt Granofyt bedding
Granofyt is the largest supplier of high quality pellets made of straw on the Czech market. To ensure high standards of quality are needed considerable cost of technological equipment and qualified personnel.

There are three types of product intended for litter, according to the categories listed below.

The process of production reaches tempe- ratures up to 190 ° C. This temperature safely destroy all bacteria, molds and fungi that are normally associated with cheap litter.

Also available are three types of product intended for litter, according to the categories listed below.

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Domestic animals

dom. zvrata
Specially formulated pellets based on straw and natural zeolite. Such material is tested for veterinary control.


5 kg packs. Absorbs 15 liters of liquids. Bedding holds 3 times longer as shavings. Save time and money.



With the application of zeolites in the litter is achieved by reducing odors and improving the environment for the breeding of domestic animals.

Zeolites have the ability to absorb toxic and harmful organic substances such as phosphates, nitrates, ammonia, etc.

Zeolites are safe for humans, animals and the environment and are 100% natural.



krátké pelety
Soft wheat pellets with a length of 5-10 mm. Horses provide comfort, thermal insulation and prevent damage to the hoof during long periods of standing. Suitable for horses with bad breath, with a dust allergy with digestive problems. Points far better than sawdust and straw.

Pellets have a neutral pH (unlike wood products, which acidify the soil and irritate the hoof).

By the process of production is separated particles and shattering. The final product is immediately packed in big bags or 14 kg bags.

Zdeněk ŽílaBedding for horses uses Zdeňek Žíla one of our most famous show jumping riders. Pellets Granofyt are in his opinion the best bedding for horses which have yet met.


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krátké pelety
short wheat pellets grit to 5 mm. Immediate absorption of fluids. Dries the feces, and provides a long dry bedding for livestock.

Keeps animal clean and dry Suitable and recommended for breeding broilers, ducks, cattle, pigs, goats, etc.


Mastitis from environment

Basis to prevent is a regular renewal of domestic environment and using of quality bedding.


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